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Ulitmate Mum

The Ultimate Mum winner

Thanks to everyone for your amazing stories. We loved hearing your mum’s best moments and how they overcame hardships and continued to dish our love and fun to everyone they know.

Our 500 entries were all worthy winners, but after struggling to shortlist three finalists we finally found the entry to take the Ultimate Mum crown!….drum roll please! And the winner is:

Margaret Carroll from Warrington, Cheshire, thanks to her daughter’s Lise’s wonderful story and captivating portrait shot. Your Mother’s Day bouquet, plus chocs and bubbly are winging their way to your for Sunday to give you the perfect day you deserve!

Ultimate Mum Prize
The story behind the winner

A few years ago Margaret, a home care worker caring for stroke suffers, had her own health nightmare to face. The simple removal of two benign tumors in her inner ear left her without balance, unable to walk or look after herself. This outgoing, busy, bubbly character suddenly faced a life changing situation. But she took inspiration from those she’d cared for all her life – she didn’t feel sorry for herself, as she’d seen others in worst situations and knew she had a loving family to support her. She decided she wasn’t going to be beaten. Her doting family rallied round her and Margaret worked hard to learn how to walk un-aided again. Thanks to her determination, laughter and positivity throughout, she was eventually back on her feet.

And the story gets better…

Margaret was close to her home patients, always putting a smile on their faces and treating them in the same way she cares for her own family. One patient was extra special – an inspiring lovely woman, Millie, who needed full time care. After three years of care, Millie sadly passed away leaving he husband, Neil,  behind. Yet, once again there’s a silver lining in this grey moment. Neil and Margaret grew close; a true support to each other during this awful time. From this friendship, love blossomed and at 62 they married and are happier than ever before. And her family couldn’t be happier for her!

Margaret’s outgoing, positive, loving and never give up character makes her the worthy winner for the title of Ultimate Mum 2010!


I am because of you

The day I came into this world your love surrounded me, You held me close, protected me, and kissed me tenderly, My path in life was not then known, I depended on your guide, You always taught me right from wrong, and to me you never lied.

  You were my inspiration when I was growing up, You gave me all the instruments to make it to the top, I went through certain phases, like children seem to do, Words in haste were spoken, caused tears to fall from you.

  There were times when I could see that things were going wrong, You’d put your loving arm around and say “You’re only young”, “Life’s road will test you often, sometimes you will get hurt,” “Mistakes are just a learning curve that you cannot avert”.

  You inspired me with ambition, although the times were hard, You always kept a smiling face although your heart was scarred, I could tell you all my hopes and dreams without you judging me, The advice that you gave me was priceless, that I now can see.

  You always say how proud you are of who I have become, My success is all because of you, my friend not just my mum, I only wish that I could be just half of who you are, Your strength and generosity is respected from afar.

  Life’s drained you of your energy, thing’s haven’t gone so smooth, God’s given you another test he knows that you’ll get through, Its now my chance to give you back that strength that he has taken, For your struggling and selflessness has not been forsaken.

  I thank you for the happiness and your everlasting care, No matter if I stray the path I know you’re always there, To pick the broken pieces up and help me start again, You never shout, you never judge, you burden all my pain.

  You are the most amazing woman that I have ever known, You radiate compassion and open up your home, But never do you frown, or question your own plight, Your welcome heart and warming love is never out of sight.

  The beauty that you hold of Heart and Soul and Body, Excels the human purpose, celestial and Godly, I know that I could never give you enough of gratitude, I love you more than anything mum,  …… I am…… because of you

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