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Product Details

Add a touch of comfort and sophistication to any room. Customised Cushions are a great way to update your home and add a splash of colour. Or why not use as a personalised pillow to brighten up your bedroom.

  • 11"x11"(28x28cm)
  • 17"x17"(43x43cm)
  • 21"x21"(53x53cm)

  • High quality cushion with photo cover
  • Choose between 4 themes and several designs
  • Personalise the front cover with your photos
  • Colour fastening for safe washing
  • Produced in UK. 100% polyester filling
  • Fully compliant with safety regulations

Creation Inspiration

Our personalised photo cushions allow you to customise your sofa with ease. Our array of themes allow you to create unique designs for interior decorating, you can express who you really are. These cushions will give your sofa a cozy yet modern touch!

Customisation Ideas

Are you planning on some home renovation? Follow our simple customisation ideas and you can easily make a personalised cushion that will brighten up any interior:

Idea n°1 – Create your own sofa style

Jen,a blogger at Love Chic Living, added several cushion compositions on our blog, each with photos that will coordinate and create real harmony in your living room. You can create similar styles or mix it up with one of our more modern themes, for a more unique decor.

Another tip: Alternate the size of your pillows to create a more dynamic and engaging arrangement! If in doubt, you can't go wrong by making a pair of cushions that complement each other aesthetically.

Idea n°2 – Choose a theme for your photo cushions

Why not try to make a cushion using a specific theme? Jen chose to use one of the classic themes to evoke the feeling of the beach and waterside. She has placed photos on these cushions with three distinct photos which recalled the sea: a colourful restaurant, her families shadows on the sand and a photo taken by the waters edge. Each photo is aligned with her main theme!

Idea n°3 – Have fun with your cushion case !

Accessorise your photo cushions with complementary elements such as: tassels, accessories, felt, etc. For inspiration, you can follow our blog for more DIY tips and tricks

Photos made by Jen from Love Chic Living and the community manager at PhotoBox




11"x11"(28x28cm) £2.99 £3.99 £11.99 £12.99
17"x17"(43x43cm) £3.29 £4.29 £12.29 £13.29
21"x21"(53x53cm) £3.59 £4.59 £12.59 £13.59



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