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NEW: Introducing our new quicker upload

Discover PhotoBox Connect our new quicker and easier photo upload!
Upload your photos from your computer or easily transfer them from
Facebook, Instagram, Flickr or Dropbox.

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Upload from Picasa

Organise, edit and upload your photos from Google's free photo organiser software Picasa, then enjoy sharing and printing at PhotoBox.

Download Picasa now!

Here's how it's done

Upload from Picasa

Can't see the 'Shop' icon in Picasa?

  1. Go to 'Tools' > 'Configure Buttons...'
  2. Add the 'Order Prints' button and click OK
  3. The 'Shop' button will now be displayed at the bottom of the page

For older versions of Picasa: If you don't see a 'Shop' button please click 'Order Prints' instead.




This new feature is coming soon - watch this space!

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