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A Glass and a Half Full Productions gets mischevious with new production 'Eyebrows'

Friday 23rd January 2009

A Glass and Half Full Productions is delighted to announce its third original production, Eyebrows. From the same production house that brought you Gorilla and Airport Trucks, Eyebrows will be seen for the first time this weekend.

Eyebrows brings to life the story of a brother and sister’s moment of mischief when backs are turned and they are left to their own devices. Feeling the rhythm, the children crank out a range of eyebrow dance moves for 60 seconds to the sound of 'Don't Stop the Rock' by electro-funk superstar, Freestyle.

Phil Rumbol, marketing director for Cadbury comments: “Eyebrows marks our third original production following Gorilla and Airport Truck and we’re confident it will prove just as popular and raise as many smiles – but lots more eyebrows.”

“Over at Glass and a Half Full Productions we noticed the wriggly potential of eyebrows and thought we would have a bit of fun with them. Like the other productions, Eyebrows is all about losing yourself and embracing that moment of joy - except in this case there’s a healthy dose of mischief mixed in too. After all, everybody remembers pulling a silly face or getting up to no good as a child
when backs were turned.“

The finest eyebrows of all…

With the production airing until the end of March, and cinema screenings taking place in February, the debut of Eyebrows heralds the start of 'Febrowary'. To celebrate the month, and to pay its dues to some of the finest eyebrows ever sported, Cadbury Dairy Milk has polled the great British public to reveal the top ten eyebrows in history. Taking the titles of eyebrow king and queen were infamous Scot Sean Connery and glamorous Hollywood star, Brooke Shields.

  1. Sean Connery – 19%
  2. Brooke Shields – 18%
  3. Count von Count from Sesame St – 11%
  4. Alistair Darling – 10%
  5. Brains from Thunderbirds – 7%
  6. Noel Gallagher – 5%
  7. Des Lynam – 5%
  8. Frida Kahlo – 5%
  9. Liam Gallagher – 5%
  10. Vanilla Ice – 3%

Asked to describe what makes a good pair, the people of Britain said that tidiness is the most important feature of a good set of 'brows with an overwhelming 64% of the vote. Eyebrow colour and bushiness were voted the next most important qualities for a good set of wrigglers with 19% and 17% of the vote respectively.

More likely to raise some eyebrows though is the news that only one in one in three (35%) of the British public are able to move their eyebrows independently of each other. Furthermore, within this select group exists an even more elite demographic: the very special one in six (18%) who are fully eyebrow ambidextrous. These chosen few are able to wiggle both eyebrows equally well creating all manner of shapes and dances at free will, just like the stars of Eyebrows.

Febrowary fun and frolics…

During Febrowary, Glass and a Half Full Productions will be putting on some mischievous events for Cadbury fans to take part in. The activities will be of particular interest to those keen to extend the repertoire of their eyebrows to more than just stopping moisture dripping into the eye. More details will released during the month of Febrowary; A Glass and a Half Full Productions fans should keep their eyes peeled for more news.

Febrowary also sees the start of a special offer for Eyebrows fans courtesy of Cadbury Dairy Milk and PhotoBox, the UK and Europe’s number one online community for photo printing and personal publishing. Visitors to PhotoBox will be able to upload a photo of themselves or a friend, add some comedy eyebrows to it, or even completely change the shape of their face using PhotoBox’s free photo editing tools. Better still, Eyebrows fans will be able to order their personalised brows picture on a photo mug for just £7.99, and enjoy free standard UK postage and packing.

Eyebrows has been created by Fallon.

For more information about Cadbury Dairy Milk, please visit:

Notes to Editors

For more information (press only) about Eyebrows or any other production, please contact the Cadbury Dairy Milk team at Red: or 020 7025 6500

Full list of greatest eyebrows in history

  1. Sean Connery – 19.3%
  2. Brooke Shields – 18.5%
  3. Count von Count from Sesame St – 11.1%
  4. Alistair Darling – 9.8%
  5. Brains from Thunderbirds – 7.0%
  6. Noel Gallagher – 5.4%
  7. Des Lynam – 5.1%
  8. Frida Kahlo – 4.8%
  9. Liam Gallagher – 4.5%
  10. Vanilla Ice – 2.8%
  11. Norman Lamont – 2.5%
  12. Martin Scorsese – 2.4%

About Photobox

PhotoBox is the leading online photo service in the UK where it pioneered online printing, storing, sharing, community and publishing services for digital photos before extending its range to innovative products such as photo books, calendars, and greeting cards.

The company merged with Photoways, the leading French service, in April 2006 thereby creating the European market leader with over 5 million members and nearly 200 million photo prints in 2007. The group is backed by leading Venture Capital firms Index Ventures, Highland Capital and HarbourVest. Stan Laurent, formerly Chief Operating Officer at AOL Europe, is President and CEO and Mark Chapman, co-founder of Photobox, is Managing Director of the UK business.

For further information please contact Custard PR
+44 (0)20 7494 6588

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