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Perfect pet pictures

Love your animals and the photos you take of them too!

What most of us want from our pet pictures is the ah-factor. Getting there is another matter entirely, especially with particularly playful pets, so here are a few hints to help.

Pet portraiture

With any type of portraiture, people or pets, using a narrow depth of field works really well. This blurs the background and concentrates your attention on the main point of interest. Simply select a low f-number, somewhere between 2.8 and 5.6. Or shoot in portraiture mode, which automatically selects a low f-number for you.

Act on instinctWait for it

Energetic animals

If your pet’s a fast mover you’ll need to be quick off the mark. In situations like this it pays to be snap-happy. You can always delete stuff later. It’s also useful to have a zoom lens. This will give you maximum flexibility when your cat, dog, or rabbit gives you the run around. Using a fast shutter speed, or action mode, is also a good idea. Panning is another fun thing to experiment with.

Get down!

That means you not your animal! As with photographing children, it’s essential to get down to their level to achieve the most interesting shots. Sure you can vary the angle by looking down on them and then lying on the floor to look up. However, many of your best shots are likely to be the ones at their eye level, where you’re really interacting with them.

A good variety of sleeping, playing and feeding shots will help capture their personality.

Bit of bribery

Out and out bribery, as I’m sure you’re already aware, is a foolproof way to get your pet to do what you want. Have a few of their favourite treats at the ready to tempt them with. Try holding up a treat in the direction you want your animal to look, it usually does the trick.

Cute close-ups

To capture a close-up of an animal, without having to actually get too close, use a zoom lens. For small creatures in close proximity, a macro lens will be your best option for capturing superb detail.

Eye fro detail
Mixture of monochrome
Eye for detail

Forget the flash

Using flash often results in red-eye. With pet pictures you can also end up with yellow or green-eye which, I’m sure you’ll agree, is equally unattractive! Although this can be edited out, using flash is likely to unsettle and even frighten an animal. In any case, it will make them far less likely to hang around for photographs. Opt for good natural daylight instead.

By the book

Create a fun photo story adventure, starring your pet, with our PhotoBooks or StyleBooks - something the kids will adore. Or make a this-is-your-life type book, showing them grow from kitten to cat etc. A good variety of sleeping, playing and feeding shots will help capture their personality. Photographing any funny habits, or something they shouldn’t be doing, will add a comedy factor too!




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