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Pose like a pro

Learn to be a natural poser in love with the limelight

Party pictures

Celebrity style

Go on admit it - we’ve all admired how celebrities master the art of posing for the paparazzi. So next time you’re flicking through a newspaper or glossy magazine, take a peep at some of their poses so you can copy them. Equally educational are those less than perfect pictures when they’re caught off guard!

Formal versus informal

A formal pose

With formal portraits it’s worth taking a little time and trouble to get the right pose, as this will make for a more professional result. A good photographer learns how to accentuate your best bits and disguise the less favourable areas. With reportage photography there’s no emphasis on posing, so it’s important to take plenty of pictures to ensure you get some flattering ones.

Peruse your portfolio

Take a look through some old photos of yourself to see which ones you like the most. Not because you were ten years younger, or two stone lighter, but because of the way you’re sitting or perhaps the light. You can then follow the same technique with future photos so you’ve got a better chance of liking them.

Another golden rule in photography is to avoid sitting or standing square on to the camera, as this can make you appear broader than you actually are.

Slimming effect

An example of a good pose

In celebrity shots the women usually pose with one foot slightly in front of the other with the majority of their weight over their back foot. This simple pose gives a much leaner and more flattering look than simply standing with your feet together, a trick that’s definitely worth trying. Another golden rule in photography is to avoid sitting or standing square on to the camera, as this can make you appear broader than you actually are. By simply angling one shoulder slightly towards the camera, you’ll instantly achieve a more relaxed and slender image.

Perfect posture

Having naturally good posture is something that automatically makes us appear far more elegant. Just be aware of relaxing your shoulders and not slouching, which can make even the slimmest person look like they’ve got a double chin. Even something as easy as just tilting your head to one side can be a big difference. And if you feel more relaxed sitting down when you’re being photographed then do so, it’s your call.

Say cheese

Smiling is great but a fixed smile just looks false. A good tactic for avoiding this is to look away from the camera, then take up new pose just before the picture is taken to give a far more spontaneous feel. For a sexy close-up, try keeping your eyes shut until the moment the photographer is ready to take the shot. By opening them at the last minute your pupils will be dilated, which is exactly what happens naturally when you see someone you fancy!

relax and say cheese

Relax a little

Forcing your flashgun off and selecting a high ISO number and large aperture is another useful technique. By not using flash you're candid shots will be far more discreet and you'll get the ambient light, giving a more realistic look. The risk with doing this is your photos may appear grainy, and a slow shutter speed could lead to blurry shots. Using a tripod and asking your models to stay still while you take the shot will help.




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