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Holiday prints to be proud of

Keep happy holiday memories alive through fantastic photos

Holiday prints to be proud of

Part of the fun of any holiday is browsing through your photos. It's a great way of prolonging the feel good factor, especially when your photos reflect what a brilliant time you had. So here are a few helpful hints.

Get up to date

Be honest, how old is your camera? Digital cameras have come on leaps and bounds in the last few years. If yours is a little ancient it could be what's holding you back. Today's models have superb picture quality and easy to use features to give your images the edge. You could even cash in on tax free prices at the airport.

Take plenty of pictures

Any photographer will tell you, to get great results it helps to take lots of pictures. Packing a spare camera battery and your charger will ensure you've plenty of power. With memory cards it's a case of the more the better. These are now great value so there's no excuse for not having enough.

Act on instinct

Get some inspiration

Take a look at local postcards to give you an idea of where you can find the most interesting photo opportunities and note how professionals have captured local highlights. You don't have to copy what they've done but it will certainly inspire you.

Think before you click

Think about the overall balance of your pictures. You don't want to end up with endless images of the same stretch of beach. Try waiting for a bright blue sky, interesting cloud formation, or breathtaking sunset. Also consider other areas of interest to give a sense of scale, such as your kids in the foreground making sandcastles, or colourful boats along the shore.

Try waiting for a bright blue sky, interesting cloud formation, or breathtaking sunset.

Tell a story

Think about detail shots. When you're out enjoying dinner, in addition to typical shots across the table, get a photo of the outside of the restaurant so you can recall its name. Try and remember to photograph the food - before you tuck in! Perhaps there's a great view, or some musicians playing that would make a memorable photograph. Collections of themed photos like this really sum up the atmosphere and are perfect for StyleBooks and collages.

Early start

Get up early on holiday! Don't worry you don't have to do this everyday, but catching the flattering early morning light will be a great asset to your images. Starting early also means there are fewer people to cause distractions. If you have to work in harsh daylight try putting your subject in the shade, or using fill-in flash to disguise unflattering shadows.

Eye fro detail
Mixture of monochrome
Eye for detail

Panoramic view

If it's your landscapes that usually let you down, try a panoramic shot. The easiest way to do this is to crop a standard photo to panoramic proportions when ordering your prints. The best way though, is to take a series of shots and stitch them together with specialist software.

Don't get left out

Take it in turns to use the camera so you all get the chance to be in the photographs. Alternatively, using the self-timer can be great fun and means nobody gets left out.

Surprise 'em

Your friends might be expecting the annual postcard from you, but they won't be expecting one with your photo on it. Sound tempting? All you have to do is upload an image at a local internet café, add a personal message and send it as an ecard - easy!




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