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Capturing your kids on camera

The secret to pictures every parent can be proud of

Photos are the perfect way to preserve the precious memories of your kids’ growing up. So be sure you’ve got plenty of great pictures you can enjoy looking back on for many years to come.

Don't miss it!

Rule number one has to be, keep your camera handy. Out of reach yes, but if it’s tucked away then by the time you’ve found it you’ll probably have missed the moment.

You've gotta be quick

Kids are notorious for becoming bored easily and I’m sure yours are no exception. Most children love the camera and are more than happy to pose but only for as long as you can hold their interest - so be sure to act quickly.

You've gotta be quickOn the move

On the move

Getting a child to sit still can be mission impossible so give in gracefully. Instead switch your camera to a high shutter speed, or sports/action mode. They can then run around happily and you’ll still get fun and pin-sharp pictures.

Taking photos when your child is totally engrossed in something else, such as playing with their toys, makes them oblivious of your camera.

Plan ahead

Consider the time of day your kids are likely to be at their best, as this will make things so much easier. Also think about lighting and locations in advance, so that picture taking is as pain-free as possible.

Level with them

When photographing small children it’s best to get down to their level. This makes it easier for them to interact with you and gives a very flattering effective.

Plan ahead
Get up close
Level with them

Get up close

Young skin can handle even the closest of close up shots. In fact, it’s often the case of the closer you get the more impact your photos will have.

Helping hand

Ask another adult to stand beside you and chat to the child you’re photographing. This allows you to concentrate on taking the pictures, and encourages your subject to look away from the camera, giving you a wider variety of shots.

Candid camera

Taking photos when your child is totally engrossed in something else, such as playing with their toys, makes them oblivious of your camera. This gives a wonderfully relaxed feel and is a great way of capturing their individual personality.

Clear the clutter

Talking of toys, if you know you’re going to be taking a series of photos it’s worth packing away the majority of their toys and clearing some space.  Simple pictures without lots of distractions make for more powerful images.

Fun, fun, fun

Photographing your own family should always be fun. Have a laugh with the kids, let them see the pictures you’ve just taken, try fancy dress costumes, or allow them to be photographed with their favourite doll or teddy bear - whatever it takes to keep ‘em smiling!




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