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Be a better wedding photographer

Weddings are packed with photo opportunities so make the most of them

Be a better wedding photographer

Wedding photography is a job best left to the professionals. While the official photographer is busy taking time consuming group shots though, you've got the perfect opportunity to capture the more candid moments. Exactly the kind of images your bride & groom are bound to love.

Be snap happy

Get into the habit of taking a few shots of each image, that way you won’t be disappointed when someone has their eyes shut or is pulling an awkward expression.

Wait for it

It’s important not to get in the professional photographer’s way. Instead, wait until just after each formal shot has been taken and then take yours – you’ll get a far more relaxed look.

Act on instinctWait for it

Act on instinct

Timing is everything. Some shots might not be quite how you’d like them but if you see something interesting just grab the moment. You can always re-crop an image at a later date but you can’t re-enact spontaneity.

Focus on fun

It’s the funny little things that happen that make each wedding unique. With so much going it’s often such moments that get missed – like young bridesmaids running riot, or the pageboy trying on a top hat that’s far too big for him.

Details such as flowers, favours and menus will all have been carefully chosen, making them well worth photographing.

Use your advantage

Remember the professional photographer won’t know the people they’re photographing. If you do, use this to your advantage by taking shots of couples and little informal family groups. This will give your pictures far more meaning.

Eye for detail

A variety of close-up shots will add interest to your photos. Details such as flowers, favours and menus will all have been carefully chosen, making them well worth photographing.

Mixture of monochrome

Monochrome can be an effective way of disguising a dull day or a poorly lit venue. It’s also great for cutting out clashing colours and focusing attention on the emotion of the day – just what you want at a wedding.

Eye fro detail
Mixture of monochrome
Eye for detail

Get in quick

Many newlyweds have to wait weeks after their honeymoon to get a glimpse of their professional photos, and it might be months until their final album is ready. Get ahead of the game by uploading your images as soon as the celebrating done, and share them online before the bride & groom even jet off.

Ready and waiting

Our Photo books have just a three day turnaround time. That gives you plenty of time to select your photos, add personal comments, and get it delivered before they return from honeymoon.

The personal touch

Turn one of your favourite photos of the day into a canvas print or photo collage. Far more personal than buying from the gift list and a guaranteed sure fire hit!

Get a great deal

When ordering prints think who else might like a copy. Order an extra batch of prints for the couple and both sets of parents, along with some individual prints of any other couples you’ve photographed. By ordering all your prints at the same time you’ll get a great discount on the price, so everyone will assume you’ve been far more generous than you really have – result!




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